Hello, God bless you for your interest in reading His Word.

This is where you will find Selected Scripture for Responsive or Unison Readings #416-#517 from the Free Will Baptist Hymn Book published in 1964.

We hope you find joy in reading these Scriptures from the King James version of the Holy Bible. All Readings are Bible Scriptures with the exception of our Church Covenant #416 which is based upon Bible Scripture principles.

The readings are arranged in the Hymn Book after the worship songs, for the Church congregation to read along silently with the speaker. The bold print is for the congregation to read aloud in response to the speaker or read aloud with the speaker. There is still joy to be found in simply reading these scriptures in daily personal devotion time.

A good place to begin navigating the Readings would be in the Table of Contents. You will find a Subject Category there with a link to each of the numbered readings. Enjoy.